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CO Detector ST-710
Kind of gas detected: CO (Carbon Monoxide)  Alarm standard: Meets th..
Gas Leak Detector JIC-678
Sensor: Semiconductor Power On (Warm up): About 5 minutes Respon..
Home Smoke Detector (CM)
Power: DC 9V Alkaline battery Activating concentration Std.: 2nd for hou..
Monitor light Smoke Detector
Activate concentration: 15% in 30seconds Activate current: DC24V 25mA ..
Photoelectric separation S.D.
Voltage: 24VDC(15V-28V) Current: 8mA~20mA Monitor current: 8mA ..
Rate of Rise Heat Detector
Kind: 2nd Temperature: -15~50°C Voltage: 24V DC Humidity: ..
Rate of Rise Heat Detector(CM)
Activating Temperature: Indoors +30°C,   in 30 seconds Activating Curren..
Smoke Detector
Kind: 2nd Temperature / Humidity: -15~50°C / 0~95%RH Voltage: 2..
Temperature Detector
Activate Temperature: Standard temperature *125%, in 120 seconds Standard tem..

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